I am the terror, that flaps in the night!

Oh wait, that’s Darkwing Duck.

I am the Alpha and the Omega…

Ops, wrong book.

I am a geek, and a geek enthusiast. I also just so happen to be the mom of a very cute baby girl  as well. I am a pagan. I am a student working on a college degree.

I love to cook, I dabble in drawing, and I am in Orlando and have a deep and abiding love of the area theme parks.

I love art, music, history, and other cultures. And food. Love the food as well, as my svelte frame can attest to (ha! Right!)

I started this blog as a way to brag about my daughter, while not boring the tits off of all my single, childless and childfree friends who don’t want to hear about it. That being said, I will probably talk about non-baby topics on here as well, because I can also get onto long tangents that are more appropriate to article length essays than to status updates.

So welcome, sit a spell, and enjoy the madness.


Auryn Grigori


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