Wheaton’s Law, and how it applys to this blog

Or, as one of  my other mom blogger friends would put it, Blog policies.

What is Wheaton’s Law? Well, it basically, it is a very simple rule for getting by in life, and in this case, on my blog…

TLDR (or L in this case): Don’t be a dick.

You are going to have different views of motherhood. So am I. They are not always going to mesh. Does that mean I don’t want to hear them? No. Does that mean that you can’t argue with me? No. This just means that as we are adults, lets not get nasty. Lets not be jerks to one another. Or, as another video puts it:

And don’t be a dick about the things you like either.

And for me, this is a free space, not so much a safe one. That does not mean that if you comment here, I am going to let you get bullied, even if I don’t agree with you. It does mean that I may not use the nicest of language, and if it is not your thing, that is okay. But there may be content that does not agree with you. If it doesn’t I will put a warning label so that if it is a trigger for you, you can happily skip it.


With that said, Enjoy!


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